Longing for lakes or the sea…

My yearning for water has intensified with the recent stifling heat we’ve been experiencing!! As I’ve almost always lived near the sea or at least a very large lake, I feel I need to start researching swimming options nearby. There is nothing better than plunging yourself into cool refreshing water to make scorching weather more tolerable 🙂 I know there are plenty of swimming pools and spas here locally, but the thought of them probably becoming over-crowded the minute it’s very warm just isn’t that appealing to me. At least it’s very lush and green in the Wiesbaden area and walking in the woods does cool you down a bit!!


The only lake I’ve been to so far whilst living in Germany is Lake Constance, which is the country’s largest lake. It was very beautiful, but as we spent Christmas there it was the wrong time of year for swimming!! At the time, however, I thought it would be lovely to visit again in the summer. Below you can see some pics I snapped when it was chilly, now I think it just looks refreshing!!! I can imagine how gorgeous this area is in the summer 🙂

lake Constance lake Constance2 lake Constance3

I’ve also heard that Lake Alpsee by Neuschwanstein castle is very scenic! I wonder if it might be good for swimming as well… If anyone out there has been, I’d love to hear of your experience. I’ve also seen pictures and heard good things about Lake Müritz, Königssee & Titesee. The closest lake I know of, Mummelsee, is still quite a long 2 1/2 hour drive from Wiesbaden and I believe it is rather small, so I suspect it gets packed on balmy weather 😦 Would love to hear of pretty and peaceful lakes that are a shorter drive to Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt)!!!


konigsee4 The above photos of Königssee are from the website: http://www.bayern.by/koenigssee

For now I’m trying to cool down with fans, ice water, cool showers and by closing all the shutters on the windows to block out the intense sun. To think I initially hated the look of window shutters here in Germany, which are usually not like the pretty wooden shutters on French houses ; they are actually very functional and do serve their purpose. Now I’m so grateful I didn’t have them removed, as our builder talked us out of it!!!!

5 thoughts on “Longing for lakes or the sea…

  1. Frau Dietz (Eating Wiesbaden)

    I can’t help with the lakes (I’ve only ever been to the Bodensee too – my sister-in-law lives in Konstanz) but I can advise you on the swimming pools here 🙂 I’m afraid this heat is probably only get worse though, particularly in terms of humidity, on and off throughout the summer – I was very confused to discover my first summer here that I’d moved to the tropics! It’s reached 38 degrees here on several occasions since I’ve been here – including when I was 8 months pregnant last summer. I worked from home in bikini, with hourly dips into a cold bath!! 😉

    1. Anne Post author

      I’m starting to feel that not only should it now be compulsory to create parking each time a new apartment building is constructed, but it should also be a requirement to build a swimming pool!!! I think when we have the next owners meeting for our house, I shall suggest putting a pool in the back garden even though this is an ‘altbau’ 😉 I can only imagine how uncomfortable you must have been in last summer’s heat whilst heavily pregnant – you poor thing!! I’m so pleased the rain and thunder have freshened up the weather a bit now. However, it would be useful to know which swimming pools here are the most spacious/least crowded for the next wave of excessive heat. I only know of the Opel bad, which I suspect is super popular, thus overcrowded as the views over the city are lovely. Any suggestions would be most welcome 😀

  2. coteetcampagne

    Completely understand the water deprivation thing.
    Although we were both born well away from any coast, I lived in Cornwall for four years (Falmouth) and Trevor was a surf nut in his youth.We love the sea and our little pied-a-terre in Argeles is very important. I love the beach best out of season with no tourists, but Trev likes to toast on sand in hottest temperatures!
    We are now complete river fans as we have the mighty Aude at bottom of our French village street and an actual river beach (hence address Rue de la Plage!)

    1. Anne Post author

      I used to work in a surgery in Falmouth and occasionally treated myself to the best fish and chips in Cornwall after work at Rick Stein’s by the harbour! You are very lucky to have a place by the sea-side in France 🙂 As I mentioned, before relocating to Germany we were initially looking to potentially move to France and I was investigating possibilities in the Languedoc Roussillon region. Ideally I would still love to eventually buy something small by the sea to provide a nice antidote to city life, but currently we are spending a fortune on renovations for our property here in Wiesbaden. I haven’t given up on my country/sea-side retreat dream though!!
      We also have two massive rivers very nearby: the Rhein and the Main. I do enjoy walking along them, but have not swum in them. The thought is a little foreign to me…. I think we need to investigate further, as I’ve seen advertisements for riverside beaches here too!!

      1. coteetcampagne

        Thanks for your reply. We have actually reached budget limit on OUR renovations in France so I will have to find a lucrative sideline or sell something to finish work this year!!
        We don’t regret buying our little seaside place though and letting it out covers all costs, you can still find affordable pied-a-terres on the Lanquedoc Roussillon coast for well under 100,000 euros. Ours was 87,000 euros! (67k sterling at the time )
        We would certainly recommend this area, it is so diverse

        PS river beach very pretty but water (Pyrenean mountain meltwater )very cold !!

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