Balcony ‘garden’!

My small selection of flowers, veggies and herbs are doing quite nicely despite the heat wave we had… In any case I think they enjoyed the soaring temperature more than I did 🙂 I’m very much a novice at growing in pots and on the balcony, as I’ve always owned a garden. However, living in a city now has persuaded me to try my best on the two balconies we have!


Every morning I’m joined by many buzzing bees while I have my morning tea and yoghurt 🙂


These chilies seemed to appear in just one very hot day, during which I was concerned that my plants would parish from the heat as there is no shade on the south facing balcony. We are planning on installing an awning at some point, as right now when the sun is at its hottest no-one wants to sit out there!


The Hungarian peppers made a similar sudden appearance over night – I swear!


The cat was enjoying a moment of cool temperatures on the east balcony during the early morning before this too over-heated. The oregano, basil and mint planted on the little east balcony have flourished as well. I’ve admittedly been more diligent than usual with my watering schedule during the heat wave.


This is the first time I’ve grown tomatoes in a pot; I think they are also coming along splendidly.


The rocket is also flourishing!


Plum tomatoes are coming along nicely too. Here they are called eier tomate which translates to egg tomatoes 🙂


Even the small potted gooseberry bush has produced a couple of berries!!

5 thoughts on “Balcony ‘garden’!

  1. coteetcampagne

    Very, very interesting
    I will be growing our veg in France on window ledges (south west and north east facing) , tubs on the terrace (east- south west aspect) and out front (south),
    We also have a small interior courtyard,which gives relief from high summer temperatures and only gets partial overhead sun for 2-3 hours in middle of day – is there anything that might grow out there?

  2. Anne Post author

    Sounds like it will be very charming!! If you haven’t grown in pots before, a little warning… I am watering much more than when my veg have been planted in the ground!! On a very hot day I’ve even watered the very thirsty tomatoes twice!! They are on a south facing balcony though. Have you considered different types of ferns in your courtyard if it’s cooler and shadier, as that’s what they prefer?? They could make it very lush and create an atmosphere of a cool oasis 🙂

  3. coteetcampagne

    I have thought of some tall graceful ferns, something with long stems and an arching habit would be lovely, can’t have huge foot print as only 12 square meters.
    I have one side slightly overlooked, been wondering if I could cultivate a fast growing treelike fern for that corner
    Still warm down there in summer, but bearable!!Don’t know how people cope with South facing terraces in these places, could fry eggs on front of our French house May to September!

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you so much – very kind of you to say about my small scale attempts 😀 I should really update about my little balcony gardens soon, as my plants have been through quite extreme weather including sweltering heat and a mini tornado/violent thunder storm! All my plants were knocked over, pots smashed and some branches broken. Having said that I am starting to enjoy what appears to be a generous crop of tomatoes regardless! Hope I’m as lucky as you and have tomatoes to eat late into the year 🙂


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