Thanks for stopping by! I’m Anne Lindqvist the writer of this blog, a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist by profession and passionate ‘home maker’! I’ve worked within the English National Health Service for many years now, as well as completed two major house renovations in the UK and am currently working on a flat here in Germany.

My background is quite international: my mother is Finnish and my father is a Mexican-American. I lived in the United States for about 8 years on and off when I was a young girl, after which I moved to Finland permanently with my mum and brothers. Much of my early school education took place in Finland and I started studying both Psychology and English at university there. However, after my Finnish- Swedish  husband was offered a job in the UK we moved and lived in Cornwall for over 15 1/2 years!! That’s where I finished the majority of my psychology training and commenced my career in Mental Health.

Alongside my work in the health service, I’ve pursued my other passions for interior designing and all things creative. In fact, I’ve project managed and also been very hands-on in sanding, painting, sewing etc. Our 1st house project in the UK was an early 1900’s Arts & Crafts house in St Austell, Cornwall and our 2nd house was a pretty 1860’s Victorian house in the lovely little town of Truro (also in Cornwall).

I have been ‘thinking’ about starting a blog about turning a house into a home many years ago. Finally, I am actually making a start as this is my New Years resolution for 2014!!!  The timing seems appropriate, as we have recently moved to Germany and have just bought a large Art Nouveau flat in the beautiful Spa town of Wiesbaden. I plan to record our progress in creating another home for ourselves, but this time in a country where I have the added challenge of not speaking the native language!! I also hope to include other content relating to well-being and other things that interest me on these pages.

Photography content on these pages is by me, unless otherwise mentioned.
 Please do not use my photos without permission. You can contact me at:

‘Welcome’, ‘willkommen’, ‘tervetuloa’ to my blog! 

ps. My website name has been inspired by the title of one of my favourite books of the same name by Jon Kabat-Zinn!! I try to live ‘Mindfully’ and to accept things as they are moment by moment, as well as celebrate the little things in life 🙂

4 thoughts on “About

  1. coteetcampagne

    What a lovely blog!
    Good luck with your projects, my partner is currently yearning for a La Canche cooker in blue!
    WE haven’t even got a kitchen yet but we can dream…..

    1. Anne Post author

      Thank you for your kind words!! I’m still quite new to blogging and not posting quite as often as I’d like to. I very nearly opted for the pretty Delft blue Lacanche myself, but then was concerned I might suddenly want a change in the kitchen colour scheme so opted for white. Perhaps a bit boring, but safe at least for me 😉 I popped by your blog and it looks very interesting! I’ll be sure to explore further… We were seriously researching areas of France to buy a property in, but then my husband was offered a job here in a lovely area of Germany, so our plans changed!!

      1. coteetcampagne

        Hi Anne
        Welcome to blogging! I started my blog a while back but didn’t do a lot till last November, but now I post regularly. Has gone from being a diary of our journey to being a bit of a confessional(!), but it’s the perfect way for me to talk about our projects and my interests
        Please do drop by, it is roughly in date order so it might be worth you checking it out from beginning to make sense!!! do feel free to comment or “like” if you see fit..

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