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Greetings from Finland & Sweden!

Finally a quick hello after a long silence on my blog. Things have been tricky to say the least… So much so that as a family we have been carefully evaluating whether Germany is the right place for us to live at the moment or not. While there are many things I love about this country, we have had increasing difficulties over the past few months. No rash decisions will be made about whether we stay or not, but we did need to have a proper break from Germany and some nasty events that in all honesty are a little too close for comfort. That’s why we spent about 2 1/2 weeks on a road trip across Scandinavia and our beloved North!!!

Here are some photos from the upper deck during our 11 hour boat cruise across the Baltic Sea and the beautiful archipelago between Stockholm and Turku/Åbo.





It’s quite amazing how these gigantic ships negotiate the thousands of isles off the shores of Sweden and Finland!! There are quite a few rocky patches that we passed in close proximity. Nonetheless, we felt perfectly relaxed and happy as the weather was gorgeous and sunny with only little waves (unlike some of my past less positive experiences when I’ve crossed the sea in a winter storm).



During the cruise across we happily spent a few hours having our own little ‘crayfish party’, or rather a massive starter of fresh Swedish crayfish and smoked Norwegian prawns. All were lovely and fresh followed by delicious glow-fried trout 🙂 Our attentive waiting staff coped beautifully (although were possibly amused) with our peculiar mixture of Finnish-English-Swedish speech at the table! It was so lovely to have had enough seafood during the past couple of weeks to hopefully keep us satisfied for a while, as fish just isn’t all that fabulous or fresh in our landlocked German location.

That’s it for today, but I will post some more about our visits to Porvoo & Stockholm soon!! Another update about our German situation is also due soon once I gather my thoughts a bit more…