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Balcony ‘garden’!

My small selection of flowers, veggies and herbs are doing quite nicely despite the heat wave we had… In any case I think they enjoyed the soaring temperature more than I did 🙂 I’m very much a novice at growing in pots and on the balcony, as I’ve always owned a garden. However, living in a city now has persuaded me to try my best on the two balconies we have!


Every morning I’m joined by many buzzing bees while I have my morning tea and yoghurt 🙂


These chilies seemed to appear in just one very hot day, during which I was concerned that my plants would parish from the heat as there is no shade on the south facing balcony. We are planning on installing an awning at some point, as right now when the sun is at its hottest no-one wants to sit out there!


The Hungarian peppers made a similar sudden appearance over night – I swear!


The cat was enjoying a moment of cool temperatures on the east balcony during the early morning before this too over-heated. The oregano, basil and mint planted on the little east balcony have flourished as well. I’ve admittedly been more diligent than usual with my watering schedule during the heat wave.


This is the first time I’ve grown tomatoes in a pot; I think they are also coming along splendidly.


The rocket is also flourishing!


Plum tomatoes are coming along nicely too. Here they are called eier tomate which translates to egg tomatoes 🙂


Even the small potted gooseberry bush has produced a couple of berries!!

Good morning!


Thought I’d just pop on to say hello, as I’ve now discovered that my wifi works on both my balconies very well!! So now I can not only write on my blog here, but I can also do some of my work related admin in the fresh air! Today seems to be a good day, even though yesterday I was struggling with some homesickness (where is home…? I wonder sometimes). Although I’m unaccustomed to city life, I at least have my own little sanctuary above the bustling road. The house may be a mess of boxes, because we are trying to empty our un-renovated future bedroom in preparation for redecoration, but at least the little balcony and kitchen are getting there and offer some respite from the general chaos 🙂 Now I just need to get things moving along on the big balcony and our bedroom!! (Now that I’ve photographed the little balcony again, it’s served as a reminder that we need to get rid of the rust on the original rails and repaint – all eventually.)


Yesterday was a non-clinic day so I enjoyed lunch outside… I made Pasta di Salsiccia with homemade spicy sausage from a fabulous Italian deli in nearby Mainz (herbs from my balcony).



…and yesterday I also sat out there contemplating which Farrow and Ball colours will go onto the bedroom and kitchen walls. Of course I had to indulge in a blueberry cupcake with my tea, bought from Dale’s bakery which is American (USA) owned, thus produce genuinely delicious American baked goods! I miss baking things myself though and really hope my cooker is delivered soon, as am quite fed-up with the hot-plate.

So you can see I’m making good use of my little outdoor space and will most definitely try to get some tomatoes, rocket, lettuce and berries growing on the big balcony soon I hope!

May Day…

DAY 5: The final day of the everyday life photo documentary challenge I was set by a Finnish friend on Facebook!! This post is a day late, as I’ve been very busy with work.

Today is May Day and I had full clinics all day and sadly yesterday’s sunshine has vanished, as I woke up to drizzle. I was also a bit jealous of my husband who had the day off like everyone else in Germany & Finland (he works for a Finnish company in Germany), but I unfortunately didn’t as I work for a UK company and they have their bank holiday on Monday. After finishing work today, in between spells of drizzle, I repotted the chives the previous residents of this flat had kindly left me. Then I fertilised my indoor succulents, as didn’t fancy staying out in the rain. Ginny watched me lazily in my bed.  As the weather wasn’t conducive for much else this afternoon, I started unpacking hundreds of books and arranging them whilst watching/listening to a TED talk about the redefinition of success and gross national happiness vs. gross domestic product. Very inspiring and in line with mindfulness.  It struck a cord with me. I had a lovely French Rooibos tea whilst organising! Now the sun has come out again through the mist and I’m about to cook the simplest of comfort foods: uova in purgatorio, or as Nigella calls them – Eggs in Purgatory. I forgot today is bank holiday in Germany, hence the shops are closed; at least I have tomatoes, herbs, fresh chillies, eggs and crusty bread – so we are sorted for dinner!Image



Ginny looking totally fed-up of my interference with the camera. Go away, I need my sleep!




Really gorgeous Rooibos From a French Patisserie in town – I’ll be buying this again!


View from my South balcony towards the hills, over the glistening treetops fresh from the rain.


This picture is from Nigella Lawson, as I had not yet cooked it and doubt I could have gotten a good pic, as my kitchen lighting is not yet finished properly.

Everyday life photo documentary challenge!! The little kitchen balcony…

This is an uncharacteristically quick new post but I’ve been inspired by a Facebook challenge I received from Finland! The idea is to document everyday life by posting pictures for 5 consecutive days and to challenge someone new each day! I usually don’t go for some of the sillier (or even possibly detrimental) challenges out there, but this one I think could possibly help me remember to appreciate the little things in life that sometimes go almost unnoticed!!  

Day 2 for me: Today in addition to suffering from a dreadful headache I’ve done a little work on my small kitchen balcony in the afternoon with my husband Björn’s help cutting the decking to fit around the balcony rails. Soon we need to tackle the much bigger front balcony! I’m not very used to doing gardening on a balcony yet – it’s so different from having access to the ground and soil.





Planted the mint to join my other herbs!! Mojitos anyone?!


Tea and cake (with pain killers) to try to banish the nasty headache. Didn’t really work although I enjoyed the lovely Countess Grey tea my daughter Melissa brought as an Easter present when she popped over for a few days from Sussex for her university study break!Image

If anyone would like to take part in this challenge on their blogs it would be great to follow you, just let me know if you do!! Would you be interested Frau Dietz from the http://www.eatingwiesbaden.com food blog?? (I’ve probably done all the tagging wrong – apologies I’m still very new to using wordpress and haven’t had time to learn all the technicalities)