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Hello Spring!!

Magnolia blossoms on a tree across the road

Magnolia blossoms on a tree across the road

It’s been very quiet on my blog for too long now… There are good reasons for that though, as I just became too overwhelmed by demands on my time. When a person feels stretched by responsibilities and stress levels elevate, it’s too easy to filter the world through a negative perspective (what’s the opposite of rose-tinted spectacles?). So not only did I lack time for blogging, I didn’t want to moan, as wallowing doesn’t help me, nor anyone who happens to read my blog! My aim is to start updating my blog regularly again, as I have a plan in place which will hopefully ease my schedule a bit 🙂 Afterall, I try to help patients achieve a healthy work/life balance, so I should do this for myself as well!

The woodland walk just 5 minutes from our flat!

The woodland walk just 5 minutes from our flat!

After feeling quite disappointed with several aspects of my life in Germany, I decided that although some things I cannot change (i.e. a couple of very hostile neighbors), I can however try to immerse myself more into the local culture and also start doing more things I enjoy. I decided to sign up for German classes!! This sounds simple enough but unfortunately it wasn’t, as I needed to start at ABSOLUTE beginners level because I haven’t learnt any German at school. English & Swedish are compulsory subjects in Finnish schools, but German isn’t; right now I’m kind of wishing it had been 😉 Unfortunately, there was a 3 month delay in starting the actual lessons as there weren’t enough people with no previous German knowledge to achieve the minimum group size!


One great aspect about having lessons in a small group is the moral support, from just simply relating to each others struggles in learning the language as adults. German is not easy – I wish I still had the Neuroplasticity of a child!! Luckily, the group is small enough for each of us to get adequate individual instruction from the teacher. At this stage I personally would not want to have lessons in a larger group or completely alone.


Enjoying the sun with family on a sunny spring day near Wiesbaden’s beautiful Marktkirche!


In the park

I’m now looking at life here in Germany with cautious optimism, which wavers at times, but the stretches of feeling more content are a bit more frequent. Spring is also well under way in Wiesbaden, which I think is my favourite season here! It’s difficult not to feel more positive when surrounded by all the fresh green leaves in the abundant trees and beautiful blossoms everywhere!! Also, with the translation help of an expat friend, who speaks fantastic German, I’ve been able to start taking life-drawing lessons. This is a nice counterbalance to all the intellectual processing I do with work and now with German lessons as well. In fact I end my week with Friday art lessons usually followed by a glass of wine and nice meal in one of the many lovely restaurant we have here in Wiesbaden. So really, in the grand scheme of things, I can’t complain too much!


Frankfurter Grüne Soße is in season again – I’m told it’s made with 7 fresh spring herbs. I love having this at the traditional German Restaurant Uhrturm. So delicious with tender braised beef and roast potatoes!


Hope you have a Happy May Day or ‘Hauskaa Vappua’ as they say in Finland!!

Ps. I’ve neglected to mention the “Liebster Award” award nomination I’ve received from Gill from 
http://coteetcampagne.wordpress.com; I will come back to that soon ☺ Thank you kindly Gill – I’ve enjoyed your blog too!

Walking through the drizzle for a traditional meal in town…

DAY 3: Of the challenge to document everyday life by posting pictures for 5 consecutive days!

Unfortunately yesterday’s headache turned into a stubborn migraine which lasted into the afternoon today. When the migraine finally eased I did manage to walk into town for a meal with my husband! Lucky for you or I would be posting pictures of my bed and a darkened room 😉 Today we tried a traditional German restaurant called Uhrturm recommended by a local food blogger http://www.eatingwiesbaden.com for the best Frankfurter grüne soße in Wiesbaden (special fresh sauce made with 13 different herbs I was informed by the waitress)!! It was delicious with the braised brisket and fried potatoes. The food picture taken with my mobile does not do it justice, as I didn’t want to unsettle the staff with my huge DSLR! Notice the drizzly grey weather reminiscent of Cornwall  The freshness of the rain on all the greenery did my lungs good and got rid of the final cobwebs from my head! So all in all a day that started off quite badly ended on a pleasant note 🙂



The drizzly neighbourhood streets on our evening walk into town.


I love the fragrance of lilacs and think they smell even lovelier when they’ve just been rained on!! It always reminds me of childhood and playing in a small den we had in the midst of lilac bushes at my grandparent’s little farm in Finland 🙂


As I said, this mobile photo really doesn’t do the meal justice – it was yummy and the beef was so tender that it flaked easily with just a fork!